Monday, June 1

2x Vicious Saddle - 2 accounts still works.

I looked around the forum and couldn't find any similar topics but i know they fixed the 2 accounts, 2 challenge mode gold thing but they haven't fixed the pvp mounts. Therefore if you have 2 linked accounts open when your Primal Combatant (100 3v3 or 40 RBGs) achievement pops you will get the achievement on the other account and thus the vicious saddle mailed to both characters. The mounts when you pick them from the vendor are BATTLENET account bound so you can just send it to your main account. I personally have all of them on my main but was nice to beable to give the character i actually pvp on the mount for once too. If you are missing the Wolf, Horse or Raptor it's a good way to catch up on the missed season mount or potentially you could save your token for the new Kodo next season.  I didn't even realise this still worked until i saw both achieves in gchat. I'm not sure if it'll work on a low level like the CMs did.

PS : Remember the mailed token is not battlenet bound but the mount is, so get the mount then send it.

Sorry if this is a repost but i just thought i'd give people a heads up before the season ends in a few weeks. I didn't think about posting it until awhile after so i just have the SS of the wins and mails

2nd account DK

Main account Paladin:

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