Friday, June 19

Quic Alt Gearing in 6.2

If your alts have never seen draenor after dinging 100 (like mine did), here´s a good method to get them some gear in 6.2 for gold/mount runs or just to not get raped in tanaan jungle. Plus, you can pre-work for this, so at release you can trade it all in.

Cap Honor to 4k, store all your boxes you get from BGs/Skirmishes/Ashran and dont open them; get into Ashran to stack up on the currency by looting treasure chest or pve farming (got between 500-700 fragments on each char). With 6.2 you´ll then be able to buy 670 Honor Gear and Offset Pieces in Ashran (better than the current conquest equipment), letting you skip heroic dungeons and most of highmaul normal and heroic. Open your chest for extra honor without pvp and trade in all your artefacts from Ashran to honor at the tree/stone thing quartermaster.

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