Wednesday, June 24

World first mounts, apexis crystals, and pants

A few months back, I read about Blizzard's change to the Corrupted Dreadwing, making it be a 150,000 Apexis Crystal purchase, the only problem was you could only hold 60,000 crystals until patch 6.2 launced (today). Suddenly, I had a goal, farm and hoard 150,000 apexis crystals before the patch. A seemingly impossible task.

But how did I do it then?

The answer? Pants. Over the course of 2 months, I did Apexis dailies as usual earning up crystals, buying pairs of Crystalhide Legguards for 5,000 crystals each with a 2 hour return window, and returning/rebuying them every 1.5 hours so the timer never expired.

As time progressed, my hoard grew, logging off each day after doing my dailies.

At last, I had all 20 pairs totaling 100,000 crystals in returns, and the 50,000 in my inventory. I was ready!

That brings us to today, I returned the pants for their newly increased cap, and set off for Tanaan. 

And there we have it! the worlds first Corrupted Dreadwing!

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