Wednesday, June 17

WoW Casino

World of Warcraft or WoW as most of you know it went 2001. Since than alot have happened and its been a game capturing many peoples interest throughout the years. I dont think anyone could have expected the impact the game would have in our society. People who never played the game even know about it.
WoW have changed alot from the first beta version to todays date. The game has become more sophisticated and better graphically but still kept the true spirit of the game.

Like Wow, around 2001 another online phenomen went live! Casino online!
Casino like WoW has been extremely popular around the world. With the posibility to just play infront of your computer whenever you want. No need to go to your local casino anymore. And its the same with WoW you can just play at home at your own comfort. No need to go somewhere unless you planned a LAN (local area network) with some friends.

The great is that since 2001 a computers prestanda has increased alot so the graphic became much better, both for video games and online casino games. Slotmachines has changed alot since the beginning of online casino. Its like day and night!

16th of January 2007 the expansion package burning crusade went live. From that moment you could reach the level 70. This really made WoW more exiting and added many more players to the WoW society. More guilds were founded and obviously more Boss fights took place. During this period of time the company Netent started to launch their own casino games. So what Blizzard is for computer games, netent is for casino games. Its great to see two companies involved in gaming development have succeded so well. It will be interesting to so what will happen in the future.

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