Thursday, July 2

Get more Wild Gladiator items and Conquest Point when doing a catch-up

I just realize something. Last week I didn't complete my Ashran quests (Ashran Dominance & Slay Them All!) so I get into Ashran this week and when I queue for it 2 new quests pop so I ended with 2 of each quest in my quest log.

I still haven't finished both but I got partial credit in one for killing the Ally boss and in the other for killing some allys (quest ask you to kill 200).

This is not an exploit or gives you any advantage right now but if you got tons of alts or not doing pvp right now, just remember to pickup the quests each week so they stack and you can complete 10 quests by doing only 2 for example.

This is the SS that proves that I got both quests in my quest log and getting progress on both at the same time: 

Btw the Ashran Dominance quest gives you a epic season item so this can help you a lot if you want to gear alts fast, even for pve cause items are 700 pve (730 pvp) ivl.

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