Tuesday, July 7

Leorajh exploit revisited

This exploit was "fixed" for Ishael and Leorajh, but now there's another way. I searched the forums for this one, but I didn't find anyone who found this other way to access the ability. Blizzard fixed the in-combat exploit which allowed you to access the level 3 perk of a bodyguard if you click them rapidly while in combat. They made it so that you cannot right-click them while in combat. However, if you right click right before combat ends, then you get access to the ability in question (mission table for me). I've tested this multiple times in 6.2 to confirm, but I've only tested it on Leorajh. I've got it to work 3 times out of maybe 30. I assume that it works the same on Ishael.

If you do it too soon, nothing will happen when you click on him, and it will "disable" any future interactions with him for the next 10 seconds or so. If you do it too late, then the normal dialogue will pop up, asking if you want to send him back to the garrison.

I hope this works for others.

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