Monday, August 3

Everbloom - kill only last boss - fast mythic dungeon achievement

So why is this good you might ask? Well if you are on this Emissary Of War quest then you probably want to finish this as fast as you can, right?
With this method you can get to boss and kill him in 7min or less ( depending how good the group is, if they get lost in process and if they are pulling trash you dont have to kill ). You will see that it took us less than 10min to get to the last boss and kill him, but ppl pulled stuff that they shouldnt.

Here it goes.

1. So we are at the entrance now, you will notice 3 mobs that have to be killed and the timer ( I was hoping we would finish it faster )

2. after you kill those 3 follow the road to the right, like on image below, you can notice 3 mobs that need to be killed. 2 patroling in a group and one alone. Kill those mobs but watch out for knockback so you dont get knocked to to other mobs, and also watch out for the solo mob patroling the left side, if you are close to him you will pull him.
( since this week you get reputation my sugestion is to kill all the small plants ( mobs ) since all of them give 20rep )

3. If you are going the right way you will see a house/hut infront of you with lots of small adds ( sleeping or whatever ) and a single one infron of that house. Kill him ( and small adds if you are after rep ). Kill him or them and enter the house

4. Inside the house you will see 3 mobs ( 2 close together and 1 sleeping alone ). You only need to kill those 2. after you kill them exit the house using the "door" seen on the picture below

5. When you exit the house turn right like it is shown on the image below, then mount up and climb that hill you see in the background. ( Where the red text is ). Watch the other two images to be sure you did it right.

6. Climb up the hill ( look at the last image ) and turn left, follow the edge of the hill all the way untill you get to the point shown on the next image.

7. Go forward all the way to the next hill, shown on the image below and climb it. If you dont know what is the hill am talking about look at the image in part 6.

8. When you reach the tp of that hill turn right, and follow the edge ( be careful you can fall down here if you rush it ), when you reach to the point show on the 2nd photo, you will have to climb that mini hill ( watch out if you fall down you will have to go around it ) So look at the next two images to be sure you are at the right spot.

9. From that last part you only need to jump down to the right ( you will see the boss and portal ). Enter the portal, kill the last boss. And there you go. You can kill him as many times as you want ( so if you need to do 4 mythic dungeons you can do it this way ), just note that you ONLY get loot for the first kill. So if you wanna kill him again, jump down and you will die. You will spawn at the start of the dungeon, exit - reset and repeat.

You see that it took us little less than 6min to get to the last boss, if done right you can do that in 4min or less ( killing less trash and ppl not falling when they run to the last spot ). So in total you have to kill only 9 mobs + 1 boss and thats it.
If this is a repost im sorry, i did searched but i only found 2 other guides and both dont show this route. So if mods this this is a repost I would gladly delete this. And aslo sorry for cutting images so much, its just i dont like to show my character name and name of other players on public forums.

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