Tuesday, August 11

Insane Embersilk Cloth farming - 100 / 2 minutes !

While farming old raids for money, I found an insane farming spot for Embersilk Cloth.

Basicaly, what you have to do is got the the Bastion of Twilight located in the Cataclysm Twilight Highlands zone.

The goal is to farm the very first room of the raid that has 3 patrols and 4 groups of small mobs. The room can be cleared in less than 2 minutes, and every clear will get you around 100 embersilk.

Here's the steps :

  1. Go to Bastion of Twilight
  2. Clear the first room (4 packs on the sides and 3 patrols)
  3. Grab your loots (about 100 embersilk and maybe a few transmog epic gear)
  4. Get out of the raid
  5. Reset the raid
  6. Start again at step 2

In only 4 clears I got 412 embersilk cloth and 4 epic loots that can be used for transmog.
Considering embersilk is selling 1gold per unit, it's approximatly 3500 golds per hour with the transmog items, and maybe way more if you get some rarer transmog items

Hope it'll be helpful for some of you

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