Wednesday, September 2

Depleted Apexis items ( transmog farm ) 15-25k gold per hour!

Some of you might remember the old "depleted apexis" gear that dropped from various mobs and elites in Blade's edge daily quest area.

Well it so happens to be that these sells for 15-60k gold depending on wich item ( ive featured the "apexis crystal mace" in my guide, but the axe sells for more)
So how do you get them?

- The easiest way is to gather enough apexis fragments to spawn the dragons, these have a relativly high drop chance on the depleted items, once you get a depleted item worth alot. you need to gather 50 apexis fragments to actually "complete" the item, these fragments drop from various mobs in the zone.

- Im explaning it in detail in this video:

 Hopefully some of you will benefit from it. happy hunting!

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