Wednesday, September 30

Get the 500 badge & normal cache Timewalking quest twice per event (per character)

So yesterday (technically today) at 00:00 the Timewalking event arrived once again and I immediately completed the 5 dungeon quest & 500 badge boss drop quest.

Today I queued up for a skirmish and when I came out I noticed that the 5 timewalking dungeon quest had reset. Seeing this I queued for a timewalking instance and could loot a 2nd 'Swirling Timewarped Vial' aka the item that starts the 500 badge quest. However after queueing skirmish again after turning in the badge quest it did not reset a 2nd time.

How does this work? If you complete the timewalking quests between 00:00 and 03:00 tuesday night (weekly quest reset timer) you can reset the quests by queueing up for a skirmish and get double Normal Cache & 500 badge boss drop quest.

Obviously most of you cannot reproduce this now if some of you didn't complete the quests between 00:00 and 03:00 last night.

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