Tuesday, September 22

Get ilvl 715-730 gear in a few hours, turn pvp gear into pve gear (horde-only)


  1. Port to Tol Barad quest hub from the valley of honor (ogrimmar) portal.
  2. Go across the bridge
  3. When you hit the pvp zone halfway across your pvp gear should rise to its max level.
  4. Go back across the bridge. 
Your pvp gear should now be at max level in pve zones. That's 715 for honor gear, just below heroic raid gear.

For those of you who have conquest that's 730, mythic-level, equal to the best available gear in the game.

The implications of this are huge for farming, power-levelling etc.

For those who don't have honor gear there's a ton of youtube guides on how to grind up a full honor set in literally

Couldn't make this work for ally, though there may be a way.

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