Monday, September 21

Power leveling 92-100 possibly one of the fastest ways

I was trolling YouTube the other day for WoW videos I came across a video that had next to no views (I cant remember the video name nor who posted it but all credit goes to him) Anyways from the looks of it the guide was fairly simple and easy to do so I"ll list the steps here.

You must have a level 92 or higher to start this method
You must have a decently geared level 100 friend willing to help
You can use voice chat i suggest using it because it makes it a whole lot easier you dont have to though.
You can have the level 100 be a stealth class makes it easier as well but not needed

  1. Get the toon your leveling and your friend to the iron docks instance
  2. Once inside the instance have the toon your leveling logout
  3. Have your level 100 friend go through and kill all the bosses
  4. Once the level 100 is at the last boss before he kills it have the lower level toon log back in(this is where voice chat comes in handy) 
  5. Repeat 

I just watched the video a few days ago figured I'd share the guide with the forum. I haven't seen anything else posted but, as I stated above the credit goes to the movie maker.

If anyone is wanting to do this method feel free to send me a pm on this fourm with your battle ID and we can do it I'm US Horde.

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