Tuesday, September 15

Sprite Ward Everywhere.

Go to Timeless Isle to the Blazing Way. go to another Realm and pull a Crimsonscale Firestorm (one of those red flying serpents).

Wait untill the Beast casts Fire Blossom, and leaves a fire on the ground.. Stand in it while you go back to your own Realm.

This will make you keep the Dot on you forever.. outheal it or die. After this. move to a tree closeby where Sprites are standing around untill you get the aura buff Sprite Ward which reduces fire dmg taken by 50%. Now teleport away.. Anywhere but Pandaria has worked for me, so for example teleport to Garrison.

In the garrison you will still have the 2 buffs from Timeless isle... Fire Blossom + Sprite Ward.

Now you want to lose the Fire Blossom ofcourse since its slowly killing you. Teleport Back to Timeless isle and pull a Crimsonscale Firestorm again... this time on your own realm. make him use Fire Blossom and stand in it.. and move out.. this will make the Dot go away. 

However Avoid standing near a tree since this will also remove your Sprite Ward. After you have done all this.. you have the buff Sprite Ward, and no matter where you go it seems it will stay on you untill you die. Including Raids and Dungeons.

Alright Use it wisely people, and let nobody find out about it!!

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