Sunday, October 11

Cross Realm 'persist'

There is a convenient add-on that players use to easily switch realms called Cross Realm Assist. There is one button to join and leave the group so that you can spam realms quickly and efficiently.

After joining a group, if you leave the very second it lets you, you get to stay on that groups phase indefinitely. This is until you decide to join and leave a new group. This is useful for drops and quest credit not obtained in a raid group and you can continue to farm on that phase until you see fit.

You can sit it out at a rare you need other players for and not be worried about being removed from the group or it disbanding.

The phase persists through death, but not through declining a group invite from a random player, or starting your own group

It also doesn't intrude on the group if you instantly join and leave. So all in all a good find.

If anyone else has posted something similar please advise and link it here

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