Tuesday, October 27

Easy Gold

So how am I making my 'Easy Gold'

Via Archaeology, its a very simple method that personally I haven't really seen used

All we are going to be doing is finding and solving MoP artifacts for the item 'Restored Artifact'
Then with these you are wanting to buy Tol'vir Fragments, I buy these ones as they have a chance to give the Tol'vir Keystones which sell on my realm for 750g-900g
But I personally sell them around 40-60% of the maximum price as it is just a means for a quick sale.

Now you can use whatever method you like to gaining these Restored Artifacts, I do suggest buying the 'Mantid Artifact Hunter's Kit' as this contains an item which will change the majority of your digsites to Mantid, this will allow for quicker solvings and gaining more Restored Artifacts
I don't do this at the moment as I am still trying to complete the achievements, even like this in a 12 hour period I am able to gain between 160-190 Restored Artifacts

Now changing these into Keystones is heavily RNG dependant and I am in no way saying this will make you rich compared to other ways, but I have done this for almost 4 week now on a MoP account with no trouble.

I'm sure alot of you will be able to find many more ways to make this alot faster and gain more profit but this is what works for me and I thought i'd share it now that the HB ban is soon to be over

On a side note, if you stick alchemy and level it to 525, opening Canopic Jars (created from tol'vir solves) has a small chance to contain the Vial of Sands recipe that you can then Sell crafting work for abit of side gold, or crafting it yourself. I figured this out after I had opened around 17 so i'm still yet to find this recipe, Although for getting this recipe this method is very well known. I don't claim to finding any of this first, but I did find this out by myself after struggling to find a unique way to create gold on a MoP account.

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