Sunday, October 18

Get your sack of Spectral Spider [Halloween Toy]

First of all excuse my english, this "how to" can be a "common sense" guide but i will leave here if someone need.

First of all, complete all 4 halloween quest in your garrison they will reward you with 5 seasonal tokens, the npc is called Izzy Hollyfizzle and the quest are done in Shadowmoon Valley southest island (you can farm some mobs in that area, there is another toy which drops from these mobs "Coin of Many Faces").

When you complete these quest, you can buy from Izzy Hollyfizzle the item Creepy Crawlers, that item will spawn a lot of 3 different battle pets (all with one breed, for pet collectors) and 1 rare mob called Arachnuis near fishing area. Arachnus can drop grey and white stuff, but the trick is: if you disable autoloot, you can kill it again every 3-4 minutes; if you grab some loot, you cannot loot her until tomorrow. It tooks 6 trys for me get that toy.

Sorry if i reposted, i didnt saw similar post in the forum, have a nice day.

pd: it's tradeable

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