Wednesday, October 21

Teleport to Stormwind from any major city (Alliance lvl 58+)

This is good refresher for those doing Hallow's End quests. I have searched the forums for similar teleport tips but didn't find any. I apologise if this is already covered in an old thread.

Tip 1:
Use Hellfire Peninsula portal to teleport to Stormwind.

Darnassus -> Head to Temple of the Moon -> Use Hellfire Peninsula portal -> Turn around and you'll see the Stormwind portal

Hellfire Peninsula portal is available in Ironforge and Exodar too.

Tip 2:
This requires level 90 and access to Stormshield (Ashran).

Stormwind -> Blasted Lands portal -> Head to Dark Portal -> Stormshield.

This route lets you teleport to any major city without using hearthstone. Be sure to walk through the Dark Portal. I find that flying through doesn't work sometimes.

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