Saturday, October 3

Transmogrification: Horde uniform upgrade

Awesome! The eye patch is always good with everything. I'd probably use the Warsong Belt instead of the crafted but that's just nitpicking. :P

Helm: Malevolent eyepatch
Shoulders: Orgrimmar spaulders
Chest: level 1 wayfaring tunic
gloves: Deadly gladiator's gloves
Waist: level 1 wayfaring belt
Legs: Legguards of contemplation (netherwing questline)
Boots: level 1 wayfaring boots
Back: Gossamer felscorched scarf
Weapon: Military Compound bow

There are some helmets that works with this, Frostsaber helm and Battle mender's helm, but I am not too fond of those types of helmets. The hair disappears and the helmets dont sit very well anyway.

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