Sunday, November 22

Farm Valor Points in LFR faster than usual !

This is really useful after patch 6.2.3 since the only way to get more Valor Points after Weekly quest , daily Heroic and the 8 Mythic Dungeons x week and upgrade our gear are the damn Looking For Raid VP's :S

  • Step 1) Que for 5 LFR's not just one !
  • Step 2) After you get inside the first one do it BUT don't leave the que for the others 4 !
  • Step 3) When you are done with current LFR leave the group and enjoy an almost instant another LFR invite since Blizz system see you among 1st people in que for it!
  • Step 4) Fast que for 1 more LFR before you click to enter next one (u done 1 so u are in que for only 4 now and you want 5 again  !

Managed to do all 12 LFR's in just few hours without waiting more than a few seconds after each run , except for the first one ofc.

I suggest to do this in group so u also get some extra gold but carefull who you invite in , if he leave the group before you are done , all five quees will be gone  !

Enjoy !

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