Thursday, November 19

Icy floes exploit macro

The icy floes free stacks macro is not necessarily new but for those who don't know what is it.

Icy floes expoit:

If you cast icy floes while you have another spell queued up it will not consume any icy flow stacks. Example: You are casting arcane blast. Too pull of the trick you need to cast icy flows and another arcane blast within 0.2-0.5 seconds to pull off the exploit.

The benefit of the expoit is

2 stacks of icy flows gives you 3 casts on the move, 3 Icy flows charges gives you 5 casts on the move. So on high mobility fight or any fight you run out of icy flow stacks this exploit will increase your dps because it will allow you too do higher dps on the move.

How to do the exploit:

Step 1

Cast any spell (Arcane blast for arcane or frostbolt for frost or fireball for fire works best, Arcane missiles work but they get canceled when you queue a new spell so it's a dps loss too cast missles.)

Step 2

Cast Icy flows when spell in step one has less then 0.3 sec left on the cast timer.

Step 3

Queue up a spell before the spell you casted in step 1 has finished casting

Step 4

Cast the second spell of your choice It will not consume a icy flow stack if you did step 2-3 correctly if you want 5 casts on the move go back to step 2 and repeat .


If you are a really skilled mage you should be able to pull off this trick almost all the time when you need 3 or more casts on the move in a row. But here is a macro I made that makes it way easier to pull the trick off and with it any mage should be able to pull the exploit off nearly 100% of the time.


#showtooltip Ice Floes
/cast Ice Floes
/cast arcane blast

With the macro too pull of the trick you replace your existing icy flows keybinding with this macro and to pull the exploit off all you need to do is hit the icy flows macro when your current cast has 0.3 seconds or left of it's cast time and it will never take a icy flow stack from you.

Guide with the macro

Step 1

Cast whatever spell you want like arcane blast, frostbolt, fireball, evo. (I do not recommend missiles again because it will clip the end of the cast and you will lose damage)

Step 2

Hit the macro instead of your regular icy flows keybinding; ONLY HIT IT ONE TIME

Step 3

Done the current cast you are casting will not consume any icy flow stacks, Keep casting whatever you like with your extra 1 cast on the move for free.

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