Tuesday, November 10

Multiple loot from Nalak

I was doing my usual Nalak kill on one of my chars and have found that tagging Nalak with other players and then getting out of range and server hopping to another up-phase, you can kill Nalak and if you timed it right another stormtouched cache will be awarded. I am unsure if you can have more than one cache at once as I opened the first before I was given the second. This likely applies to all the auto personal loot bosses, but is quite difficult to pull off.

I am guessing you do need to open the first cache awarded either from the first or second kill for you to then get another cache or, praise RN Jesus, the mount.

Potentially you can tag any number of nalaks on any number of realms and, so long as you tagged them before the first one dies, you can get any number of caches, which like I say may need to be opened as each one is received. Very unlikely variables for this one as you need other players to kill it for you. But I thought it was worth the mention.

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