Friday, November 6

Official Warcraft Trailer Chock-Full of Creature Chaos

The new trailer for Warcraft—a movie that feels a lot more exciting when we think of it as “the third film from Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones” than “a video game cutscene stretched to two hours”—hit the internet today. Legendary showed the new footage off to the blood-crazed hordes at Activision Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon event this morning, before crying havoc and letting loose the dogs of online distribution.

Surprisingly for a movie called Warcraft, the trailer shows off remarkably little of either crafting or war, mostly concerning itself with peace efforts between the humans—led by Vikings star Travis Fimmel—and the CG-rendered orcs, who hail from a dying world apparently situated somewhere in the uncanny valley. It’s a remarkably chatty affair, overall, with more time devoted to pregnant pauses and stilted dialogue than the spectacle of a growling Hulk lookalike nailing someone in the face by throwing a horse. (To be fair, that does totally happen.)

Still, fans of the franchise looking to fill out their checklist of recognizable elements should be happy. Orcs? Check. Humans? Check. Gryphons? Yup. Little baby orc Moses, floating down the river in a basket? You betcha. Attractive orc ladies making eyes at the guy from Vikings? Sure, why not. June 10, 2016 release date? It’s not in the games, but yeah, that seems like it could work.

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