Thursday, December 17

What Horrible Presents, done faster.

I present you: Savage Snowball,

The WoD Version of the Snowball, Savage Snowball, does 1 Damage (and can crit for 2 Damage!).
It interrupts everything which require not to take damage while casting it:
Hearthstone, Garrison Hearthstone, Challenge Mode Portals, Normal Portals, OOC Revives, etc. Also it has a 1 second cooldown, so you can spam it.

You can buy the Savage Snoballs from the AH, loot it from the Snow Mounds near the Winter Veil daily quests area in Frostfire Ridge or get 5 as a reward from one of the Winter Veil daily quests.

Quite an annoyance if you get targeted but otherwise perfect for trolling.

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