Tuesday, January 5

~8400g/Hour at Guo-Lai Halls! [ServerHop]

I was looking for a fast place to farm golden lotus reputation to exalted and i discovered a fast method to farm gold whilst doing that.

What you need for this is addon called Cross Realm Assist

How you should prepare? As much bagspace as possible and some kind of portable vendor for trashloot.

So what you need to do is this:
Enter mainhall just right after the entrance

Clear the hall and loot the mobs. As a caster it should take like 10seconds. After cleared, loot the mobs and hit ''quick join'' on crossrealm assist addon.

What you need to focus on is the cache keys the mobs drop. One clear should be around 1-2keys.

When you feel like you have collected enough keys, you need to enter further to the halls.
In the room is 3 entrances, pick the middle one.

In the end of the place you should end up here:

There is the boxes you need the keys to open.
Open all of the boxes and again hit that ''quick join'' button on your addon.
Each box contains around 21-38g and trash items.

My calculation of gold/hour is based on this:

10minutes of testing i got 24 keys, loot worth of 330g.
I used 24 keys on the chests and looted trash and gold worth of 370g.
So total 700 gold of 10minutes work. Which makes it rough 8400g per hour.

I also have to mention that there is very low chance on the mobs to drop a skyhard. If you farm 10 skyshards you can combine them to skycrystal which summons a rare npc which drops a mount, Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent with 100% chance. I have seen people sell this mount for over 50k gold (Invite the customer to group and kill the rare)

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