Saturday, January 16

Wow pvp exploit guide, numerous gamebreaking tricks

This video contains pretty much every pvp exploit I know of currently in the game, it is designed to be a comprehensive guide to pvp exploits.

This is my longest and most ambitious release yet.

(If clicking on the video doesn't work try clicking on this:

This video contains several exploits I have not seen published elsewhere.

1.) Entrapment - this involves using ursol's vortex/death grip/mind control/other cc to force one or more players into "dead zones" where they can't move and can be removed from battle indefinitely. There are many such dead zones, I show five of the most important in the video.

2) Invincibility in strand of the ancients. Simply jump off the ship when attacking in the first round, use a water-walking ability and run towards the beach. You should get to the shore 20-40 seconds before the bg actually starts, which means you are protected by the preparation buff and invincible.

3) Flag-jumping. Mount up on a reasonably large mount (tundra mammoth for example) next to the flag, jump up and you should be on top of the flag. This is a simple but very powerful technique for ranged classes.

4) Shadowstep tricks - archmage vargoth's staff and stackable stag can be used in arena and RBG to shadowstep to by rogues as what amounts to an effective multi-use demonic circle. You can actually step back to the start area in dalaran arena.

5) Again in dalaran arena a hunter with glyph of disengage/warlock/other jump technique will get you in an otherwise inaccessible platform halfway up an invisible wall.

6) Pet entrapment-simply lure a pet into an elevated area and the pet will be trapped until its users leaves the arena or issues a command which will cause the pet to port.

7) Demon Hunter Double-Jump. Well, kind of. Demonology warlocks can jump higher than any other class in the game currently. Go into demon form, jump, jump again and goblin glider. This is actually identical to the double jump ability in alpha and can get on top of many buildings in pvp.

8. Invisibility-use "shard of archstone" whilst performing a terrain exploit to become invisible. You can't attack in this state, but you can use player pets/minions to defend flags.

9) Entrap your team-mates in walls before warsong gluch (horde only).

This is just a small sample of stuff from the video which contains for example every terrain exploit I know of.

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