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[6.2.3] CRUCIAL Add-On's! [Server Hop vs. Cross Realm Assist] SetUp/Use/Explanation

I go over the following:
#1. - What is a "Server Hopping" Add-On?
#2. - Why are they helpful!?
#3. - How do we use them? and use them WELL.
#4. - Pro's/Con's of BOTH Server Hop & Cross Realm Assist
#5. - Explanation Wrap-Up

Add-On Download from Curse
**Server Hop** [ What I am currently using ]
**Cross Realm Assist**

**#1 - What is a "Server Hopping" Add-On?**
These two Add-On's allow you to change realms to kill monsters for rapid questing, find rare mounts and treasures, kill world bosses, and makes harder achievements easier. (Anything you can't find on your realm, its up on someone else's.)

**#2 - Why are they helpful!?**
**Example : ** Let's say someone killed a rare mob right in front of you and you didn't get the tag. Sucks right..? Negative. Instead of waiting for the mob to re spawn, you can simply "hop realms" to another server, find the NPC, and kill it. This not only saves you loads of time looking, but gives you an opportunity to visit less populated and less farmed realms.

**#3 - How do we use them? and use them WELL?**
[This part will be tough to explain as the video goes shows most of the "How-To's" but here we go!]

**Cross Realm Assist**
[1] Use the "Manual Join" over "Quick Join" [QJ =Always Bugs]
[2] While using "Manual Join" [Pick **Questing** or **Custom** These two party/raid categories give you the best chance for Auto-Invites. Quick Auto-Invites = Quicker Farming
[3] What do the symbols mean in Cross Realm Assist? You will see a **Red X**, **Green Check Mark**, and **Yellow Question Mark**
**Red X** = Already Visited that Realm [ also gives you the time since last visit] ( Reset/Refresh your Realm list to Start Over )
**Green Check Mark** = Auto - Invite!! [ INSTANT invite to that realm ]
** Yellow Question Mark** = There ARE REQUIREMENTS to join this party/raid. [Example : "Need Heals ONLY" or "Min ILVL.."

If you are still using **Cross Realm Assist**.. I would keep yourself in the [Manual Join] , Rotate between [Custom] and [Questing] for the fastest Auto-Invites, and reload your UI anytime your realms are bugging in the Add-On.

**Server Hop**
[1] Simply click **Next** [ Next is the same thing as "Quick Join" for Cross Realm Assist, but doesn't bug out.] [If you accidentally leave a realm too early and need to head back A.S.A.P, there is a **Last** Button
[2] You can **Change Mode** which will allow you to search for realms in different categories. Example: Questing, Raids, Battlegrounds. [ Like I mention in the video, **Questing & Custom** give me the best realms for Auto-Invites.
[3] There are 2 drop down boxes. The first changes your **realm type** from PVP/PVE/ALL , and the second narrows your **party size** to 1-4/4-40/ALL
[4] Through the Settings Wheel in the top left corner you can choose to change your realm time intervals. Instead of allowing the realm to ONLY let you back after 15 min, you can set the reset time to whatever you please.
[5] You can also set up "Favorites" with keywords. This allows you set up common group farms for every week! It also gives you a search box to look yourself! If you think there is a group for it.. SEARCH IT!  **There is a GOLD STAR in the bottom right of the Add-On, that is your Favorites option.**

**Cross Realm Assist Pro's & Con's**
[1] O.G. Realm Hop Add-On
[2] Let's you see the full names of the realms visited
[3] Through "Manual Join" and "Refresh" can get the job done.
[1] "Quick Join" bugs out after 10-15 min
[2] Too many tabs/options
[3] You use 50% of the Add-On , ignore the other 50%

**Server Hop Pro's & Con's**
[1] Clean Interface
[2] Easy to use **Next** button
[3] You can visit the last realm you were at with the **Last** button
[4] Drop down options to change the **Party Size** & **Realm Type**
[5] Search Box to find specific party's and raids.
[6] Favorites Option to set up custom searches for each week.

[1] Anyone...?

Server Hop > Cross Realm Assist

**Note** I record, edit, and put all my content together myself so if there is any **constructive criticism** I am all ears. I debuted my YouTube Channel a couple months ago so go easy on me guys.  I hoped this [How-To / Video] helped in some way and as always if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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