Sunday, February 28

An old spot that still brings in 4,000-8,000g per hour

Hey guys and gals, today I'm writing about and showing a spot that brings in around 4000-8000g per hour. The reason the gold varies is because the 4000g/hr is based on high pop realm prices (lower for the items we are farming) and the 8000g/hr is based on the average price for US realms (NOT the highest prices - so you could actually get more than 8k/hr).

If you are interested, here is the video guide for the spot. If you prefer text, read below.

Spot: Killing Gulp Frogs on Timeless Isle (+ a unique way to make gold)

Requirements: Potion of Lucks, Revered Reputation with Emperor Shaohao (estimated gold per hour for those without Revered is in video).

Method: Kill Gulp Frogs for treasures from the Potion of Luck. You'll get thousands from vendor trash alone and the rest of the gold comes from a pet that I'll speak about in a moment as well as Pandaria mats. The mats still sell due to professional leveling and various crafted items. I chose to sell all of the greens. I won't waste your time with a gold per hour based on selling xmogs because it is unreliable, hardly ever accurate and a pain in the ass. That said, any incredibly rare or beautiful xmogs should definitely be sold on the AH.

How we make most of our gold: You will also receive around 7000-8000 Timeless Coins every 20 minutes, or around 21,000-24,000 Timeless Coins each hour. With Revered Reputation for Emperor Shaohao, you can purchase the Harmonious Porcupette from Mistweaver Ku for 7500 Timeless Coins. This pet sells for around 500g on high pop realms and around 1500g on the average realm. The true average price is 2000g for the pet, but I felt it is unrealistic to use that price point due to the fact that people will be selling a few at a time. So I used the 1500g price for the pet for our 8k/hr figure, and 500g for the price for our 4k/hr figure. Due to the amount of coins we receive we have enough for around 3 pets every hour that we farm, bringing in 1500-4500g per hour in addition to the thousands from vendor trash and mats.

Note: this spot is nothing new. It's been here for ages, but it is not farmed very often (I find it empty 99% of the time, even when excessively using Cross Realm Assist addon) and is easy gold.

I hope this guide is straight forward in both the video and text version. The video version contains additional details about strategy, how we're making the gold and other various things.

Thanks for swinging by! :)

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