Monday, February 15

Kun-Lai Summit - Wild Onyx Serpent farm

1. Where?
- Kun-Lai Summit - Zone - World of Warcraft

2. Which npc?
- Wild Onyx Serpent - NPC - World of Warcraft this is a rare elite.

3. Item we are farming?
- Serpent's Cache - Item - World of Warcraft

4. Inside the cache?
- MOP herbs, ores, mote of harmonies, cloth, gold, leather. Check wowhead link for details.

5. How many times I can kill it?
- I found it 8-12 different realms. So its 8-12 caches in around 10min.
6. Nutshell pls?
- DOWNLOAD Server Hop - Achievements - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse or Cross Realm Assist - Achievements - World of Warcraft Addons - Curse , kill serpent, loot, hop realm, kill serpent, loot, repeat as many times you want. I usually kill it 8-12 items in a row before I take a break. 8-12 kill takes around 10 minutes. So not bad activity to do when killing time and have no other things to do.

7. Pro tips
- If you are lvl 100, you need to fly very near the serpent, otherwise you won't get the aggro. It can take couple of tries before you can actually aggro it.

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