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Using Your Time More Productivly In Game

One Simple Way To Use Your Time More Productively When Playing

Time is the most important commodity you have, as the clock is always ticking and the sands of time are always shifting. Gamers tend to waste a lot of it doing things that don’t help them get any better, this is especially true for gamers in MMORPGs. You can feel busy in a game trying to complete every little achievement that it offers. You can feel busy playing all day with different friends of different levels in unranked games. The problem is when gamers are busy and not productive.

Don’t Major in the Minor Stuff!

Refocus on what your goal is in the game. If your desire is truly to become a better gamer then it is important to take a step back and look at what you are spending your time on. You can’t become a better PVPer if you spend all day doing PVE content. You’ll progress much slower competing against people in unranked-lower MMR games than you will trying to climb the ladder. This isn’t to say that you can’t have fun doing other things with your friends or in game anymore, but maybe you’re not spending as much time working on your skills as you should!

Get More For Less copy

Let’s pretend that every time we play a game, we put points of our energy into different aspects of the game. The busy gamer puts their points all over the place not reaching a high level of play in any. The productive gamer puts their points all towards one goal and is not concerned about the non-essential goals. They both are using the same amount of energy, just one is more focused on what they really want!

How to Become More Productive
The biggest key to becoming more productive is learn that every choice you make is at the expense of something else. Your time is your currency, and you have a daily limit that you can spend each day. Often, we face a decision between two choices and ask ourselves how we can do both. A tougher question, but one that will lead to more productivity is, “What choice will get me closer to where I really want to be.”

It can be hard to do this! The decision you make may be the harder of the two to choose, but also more likely the right one. If you have written a clear defined goal ahead of time, this can make it much easier to concentrate on the more productive choices.

You Can Still Have Fun!

Remember that games are still meant to be fun! Don’t cut yourself off from your friends and always be burning yourself out trying to grind it out to your goal. This is simply a method of becoming more aware of how you play games and realizing that there are more choices that you could be making to take you to the next level!

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