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6 Permanent Death Runes as Unholy Death Knight, with effective ST, and Maximum AoE

I only recommend to use this on fights with 3+ mobs or extended duration of AoE.

So here it is.


6 Death Runes for max AoE/Cleave for Necroblight.



Unholy Blight for snap Necrotic Stacks. Plague Leech is also usable for more overall Blood Boils. I have yet to implement into my opener however.

Blood Tap This is mandatory!

Necrotic Plague



Greater Glyphs

Glyph of Blood Boil This an obvious one for higher Blood Boil Radius.

Glyph of Regenerative Magic (Good for more overall Runic Generation)


Glyph of Absorb Magic (Increases the absorb of your AMS by 100% making it 80% of your total HP. Would not recommend however, unless you're struggling with Mythic Progression and dying to heavy Magic Damage)

Glyph of Raise Ally (Makes Raise Ally free saving you 30 Runic Power)

An optional Glyph is Glyph of Runic Power This Glyph gives you 2 Runic Power every second for 5 seconds when struck by a slow. It can be used to soak up Runic power on fights like Iron Reaver for example while she is in the air.


Obtaining 6 Death Runes

This can be a tad complicated at first as it requires a lot of time to get it precise. The point of this is Min-maxing as much as possible.

I'm going to tell you how to do it on Bosses it is very possible to do on Trash before a Boss also.


Army of the Dead 4-6 Seconds before the pull

Cast Deaths Advance before pull


Unholy Blight

You should start the fight with effectively 20-28 Runic Power.

Festering Strike, Scourge Strike, Scourge Strike. Now hopefully you have a Sudden Doom Proc by now, if so, Death Coil X3, Blood Tap right away.

However, if you don't have a Sudden Doom Proc, you will instead Death Coil X2, Arcane Torrent, Death Coil, Blood Tap.

Your second Unholy Rune should be a Death Rune now as well as your first Blood and Frost Rune.

If you have T18 4P, cast Dark Transformation.

Summon Gargoyle after.

Festering Strike, Festering Strike, Blood Boil, Scourge Strike, Death Coil X2




WATCH YOUR RUNES CLOSELY. Wait until 1 Blood and Frost Death Rune are off Cool Down, and Blood Tap.

You now have 6 Death Runes

This is where min-maxing with runes come into play now. If you're preparing for adds, and or cleave, that has yet to come, all your Runes will go to Festering Strikes to extend the time of Necrotic Plague.

If it will be a while, for example on Iskar, you may spend all your Blood and Frost Death Runes on Scourge Strike as long as you know how.

To do so you, lets say you have all 6 Runes off CD, Festering Strike X 3, it will use the Unholy Runes last as it prioritizes Blood_Death Runes and Frost_Death Runes.

As your Blood_Death and Frost_Death Runes come off CD, you may Scourge Strike as you please with them, AS LONG AS Unholy_Death Runes are STILL ON CD. The same goes for Death And Decay/Defile if you choose to run it.

Essentially, your Unholy Runes become a Festering Strike until Cleave/AoE, while your Blood/Frost Runes become your Scourge Strike.

During AoE/Cleave, all you have to do is spam Blood Boil, and Death and Decay ON CD AS LONG AS YOUR UNHOLY_DEATH RUNES ARE ON CD.

Use Empower Rune Weapon for Burst AoE when all 6 Death Runes are on CD, use Blood Tap to spam Blood Boil as long as Death and Decay is on Cool Down.

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