Wednesday, March 16

Gambling with Friends in WoW

People have been talking about gambling in WoW since the game first came out. It’s not a new idea or concept at all. But the ways that players find to gamble or bet with friends in the game are numerous and it seems they always find new ways to add to it.

Something we’ve actually talked about before is that the game itself seems to be centered around gambling of some sort. For example, there are random generators that determine the loot drops when you solo quest and also when you do dungeons and raids with a large group. It randomizes who gets the loot as well as what loot actually drops. This is a form of gambling, especially if you are “farming” a certain boss or dungeon for a particular item of loot that may drop.

Some other ways that people bring gambling to the game of WoW is by doing guild raffles or individual bets with other players. Blizzard does not endorse or support this type of gambling in any way so if you do it, you can’t advertise it openly on the servers and you can’t complain to Blizzard if you have problems or got screwed over in a bet. With that in mind, Blizz doesn’t care much what individual, consenting players do.

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit us for more information. While we likely won’t see traditional gambling come to the game of WoW, you can get your fix of gambling online from other notable sites. And if you want to have some fun with your friends or guild by betting in WoW, then there are many opportunities for you.

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