Saturday, April 2

[6.2.4] Resetting "Land-Based Fatigue"

I recently made a post on how the Darkmoon Seesaw can be used to bypass most of the walls in the game; turns out, it can also reset "Land-Based" Fatigue at the end of the world. Obviously there are very little Land-Based Fatigue areas left in the game, but it also works in shallow waters when using Water-Walking spells / items. Video attached below.

Just to add / reinforce: the Swapblaster CAN be used to get past end game walls with this method (I was trying to reach the Old Hillsbrad area in this video for instance).

(Clarification): The fatigue reset comes from being past the end game wall, so technically you could call this a repost, or a side-product of the original "90% of walls" post. However, I saw it as a seperate exploit as it does not require 2 people.

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