Friday, April 15

Hunting Rare Items worth 100k+ to the right buyer | The Best Spot |

So in this farming method we are after the " Black Venom Blade" It's a BiS weapon for lvl 29 twinks due to the itemlvl scaling. This weapon is so goddamn rare, theres only 4 in total for sale , on BOTH EU & US.

The reason for it's insane price is ofc due to the rarity.

- They can be obtained in "Battered Junkboxes" with pickpocketing low level mobs. Theres many spots out there such as the populare stockades due to no competition. But stockades has a lockout after 10 runs.

- The place i've been recieving tips about provides you with 250+ boxes/hr easily.
The spot is down the catatombs in duskwood, in Raven Hill.

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