Monday, April 25

Legacy Server Petition Hits 200k

Mark Kern, who was a team lead during Vanilla development, stated on Twitter that if the petition got to 200k signatures he would personally send the petition to Mike Morhaime.

Mark Kern's Comments on 200k -
I can't believe all the support you've shown for vanilla WoW servers. In the past few days you've all doubled the Nostalrius petition count and smashed through the 200,000 signature goal.
Thank you.
Now its time for me to get to work and put together a package to deliver to Mike Morhaime. Here's what I'm doing:
1) Printing the petition. All 5000 pages of it.
2) Writing an open letter to Mike, and sharing it with the community.
3) Shooting a video of the open letter and uploading it to @SodaPoppinTv's channel
4) E-mailing the whole thing to Mike on Friday and making the letter/video public on Friday as well.
5) Following up on Monday with a call to Mike on his cell and office.
I want to thank @SodaPoppingTv for being so passionate and doing the WoW stream to publicize this. I want to thank @Nostalbegins for taking the time to Skype with me and show me what a great bunch of devs they are, and thanks for everyone on my feed and following me @Grummz for all the moral support and tweets.
But...Especially, thank you petition signers! Thank you vanilla WoW fans! Thank you for supporting this petition and for playing and loving vanilla and early WoW so damn much! YOU did this! YOU can make it happen. And I'll be there right alongside you.
For the Alliance, for the Horde, for Azeroth!

What 5000 Pages Looks Like:

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