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Pet Charm's in Legion


Pet Charm - Item - World of Warcraft

Pet Charm's are still the main currency for anything pet related in Legion. Moreover, a new Legion Toy has now emerged, which is sold for 1000 Pet Charm and it is highly doubtly, that this is the only item you can buy with Pet Charms. Also, don't forget the new Pet Battle Event in Dalaran. You can expect alot of pet related content in Legion. Last but not least, they will heavily nerf many popular battle pets and nerf many combos, like the howl combo.

Sum: You can expect many new pet-related items in legion and farming the currency for these items will be hard.

You can already farm this currency in WoD.

It is already confirmed, that the gain of Pet Charm's in the Garrison/WoD will be heavily nerfed. You can expect it to be completly nerfed to the ground.

So, abuse the system as much as possible:

  1. You can kill every WoD-Tamer for 24 Pet Charms. (Once per Day on one account) = 24.
  2. You can farm the tanaan elite pets for 15-30 Pet Charms. (Once per Day per character) = (15-30)*x
  3. You can do the Garrison Pet Daily for 8-10 Pet Charms. (Once a Day per character) = (8-10)*x


1. Doing all tamers in Wod is pretty easy and doable with 2 Pets, thus you can always carry a pet and get it to lvl 11. But you can do it only once. Still I think, it's a good way to spend 30min, if you don't have anything to do.

2. Personally I hate those, long fights and more "hard fights". The gain is 1-2 pet-charm per fight, so if you start doing those pet-battles and you stop after like 30min, you may only have 5 pet charms. So if you really want to grind pet charms, do it right. Imagine you farm with 11 chars. You complete all taanan pet battles and you will get, 161-330 pet charms. 330 sounds pretty crazy for one day of farming tbh.

3. This is personally the best and so my advice here is: Once you log in with your char, doing missions etc. go also complete your pet daily. This is usally super-fast and you can use the same pet strategy over and over again. This is also the best currency/time ratio. If you start this now, you will easily have plenty of pet charms when legion hits in august. In Legion, this quest will be dead, just like the whole garrison.

Last: make sure you mail your pet charms to your main class. there is a rumor, that pet charms will be "real" currency someday and if you don't send it to one char, you will have all pet charms splitted over your chars

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