Tuesday, May 24

Ashran Leech Bug

  1. Get mercenary buff from NPC in Storm Shield or Warspear.
  2. Join an Ashran group.
  3. Queue up for a random BG while the buff is active.
  4. AFK out or play the random BG.(Up to you)
  5. If you get message stating (You have been remove from the group & Your group has disband) SUCCESS!

Leech events/kills from boss w/o being in the raid group as long you're there when the event popped.
Will not get port out of Ashran unless you AFK.

All NPC are friendly on the opposite faction BASE and raod accept gladiators.
Loot/kill mobs for fragments w/o being part of the skittle map.

Get Rescue Operation if you manage to sneak by gladiators/players.

You will get credit for kills if you're Nemesis quest and within range.


Players can still attack you.

Can't see or say anything in raid chat (Usually gibberish).

Will not benefit from raid buffs or get honors from kills. But you can still use flowers/tent/class specific buffs from Ashran.

I hope you guys find this beneficial. Let me know if you guys find anything else while doing this other than just leeching.

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