Thursday, June 23

EASY Lovely Charm farm

My buddy and I found this spot and its pretty easy to do with a little bit of time (maybe 15-30 mins) start up needed. It's not a crazy obscene amount of charms but still decent at around 700-800 an hour. What you do is make a night elf priest and level it to level 3. 

Then you go to Stormwind and lock your exp since the charms have a chance to drop off of anything that grants exp. You then go to grab your charm box and get some bags then hearth back to the starting zone. In the starting zone to the south west of the hearth spot are 2 camps of grells that instantly respawn upon the mobs when a certain amount are killed so infinite killing with standing in one spot. Set up a macro of:

/Target Grell
/Cast Shadow Word: Pain

The reason you do this is because you don't have to be facing your target to cast that at it. These grells are really week and you can get a decent amount of charms this way.

Just as a little P.S. This works best with heirlooms because they deal like no damage to you with them and you can 1-2 shot all of them with instant casting.

I don't know if this has been posted before but it's a little secret between the two of us (my buddy and me). Just remember to be courteous to others while doing this to avoid spiteful reporting and to respond to anyone that tries to talk to you so a GM can't try and be a douche.

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