Saturday, June 18

Herbalism + Mining Insane density spot (Prepare for legion)

I found this amazing spot in Nagrand (WoD) to level Herbalism and Mining together

You will need to download the following addons:

You will need to download the Cross-realm assist from > Here
And GatherMate2 or any similar addon from > Here

As well as picking these two items to make Mining + Herbalism 50% much faster
Mining Pick + Herbalism Gloves

You will need to learn the profession you want to level up > go to any draenor zoon > loot 1 node to get the recipe to unlock 1-700

Being a druid or having Sky Golem Mount is a plus!

All you have to do is looting the available nodes then use the cross-realm assist addon to phase into another realm and repeat

Here is a video for the spot:

As you can see on the mini-map the crazy density of Mining/Herb Nods, i know many of us need gathering professions for legion since >Blood of Sargeras< is going to be the main crafting material which is BoP so everyone is going to pick one gathering profession atleast unless blizzard decides to change this in the future

Hope this guide will ease the pain of leveling these two most ridiculous professions Let me know what you think

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