Tuesday, June 21

More and more details about WoW's Legion Expansion Surface

The launch of the Legion expansion of Blizzard's popular MMO World of Warcraft is drawing near. With the Warcraft movie out, the time to ride the hype is indeed right now, and Legion has quite a lineup of new content and tweaks to capture players' attention yet again, giving the long-running title yet another lease on life. The game will not only overhaul some of the existing systems linked to character development, it will apparently allow players to quite literally see more of the world surrounding them.

The new Demon Hunter class is obviously the most interesting bit of the new content. The class features speed, special sight as well as a special ability, which is about transforming into an even more fearsome form. The combination of these attributes will doubtlessly be extremely popular with players new and old.

The Broken Isles is Legion's new continent and it will apparently be rife with new locations to explore as well as some new cities and countless opportunities for adventure. In the graphics department, draw distance will be significantly expanded, a tweak that will indeed have a massive effect on the way the game is perceived. Interestingly, this new feature will cover the entirety of the game, not just the newly added Broken Isles.

The new artifact system, which will essentially see players' weapons improve as they themselves get stronger, is a rather fresh look at this frankly rather stale system, and if it does indeed work, it alone will be well capable of completely overhauling the WOW experience.

Set to land on August 30, Legion will be looking to generate yet another spike in the WOW subscriber numbers, the same way other expansions before it have done.

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