Tuesday, June 7

Nostalrius - Blizzard Meeting Goes Well

A couple of months ago, the closing of the last WOW vanilla server called Nostalrius, made huge waves across the community. The upheaval led to petitions and various protests on the part of players, some of which were in fact so significant that they caught Blizzard's attention. As a result of that, the WOW devs decided to invite the team behind Nostalrius for talks, possibly considering the setting up of official vanilla servers using the experience they had piled up over the years.

Well, that meeting is now in the books and according to a quick update released by the Nostalrius team, it went well. No specifics have surfaced regarding the talks though, so we do not know at this point exactly what it was that went well. The bottom line about it all is though that contact has been established and the parties are actually talking about the vanilla server issue, which in itself is a positive takeaway.

According to Nostalrius, everyone at the meeting from the Blizzard camp was excited about the vanilla server deal and that apparently included Mike Morhaime too. The fact however that there was no official Yes or No delivered probably means that Blizzard are indeed actually considering the issue and that there may yet be an official vanilla server initiative, provided the numbers behind it add up for Blizzard. Indeed, in this question, economics are probably the deciding factor right now...Blizzard will probably not get into it all if they can't generate some sort of profit off it...

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