Thursday, June 2

We really need Blizzard to either fix underpopulated servers or make realm transfers affordable for everyone.

I'm tired of being stuck on an underpopulated realm with only a few (3) Mythic guilds all unsuitable for me, and unable to afford transferring my mains to a healthier realm.

We are all paying customers of this game that is both Buy-to-Play (Game+xPac) and Pay-to-Play (Sub), with a cosmetic shop. Players shouldn't need to pay large amounts of money for transfers or abandon their mains to level new characters if their server starts to fall apart.

I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way, and I ask that Blizzard seriously looks into acting on some of the options:

A: Get aggressive on the realm merging, make sure no servers are underpopulated. If access to low-pop servers are a demand among some players, let them have it, but allow all players who don't want to be there to easily move to a larger server.

B: Provide a montly free-of-charge transfer for subscription.
In this way, anyone who can afford to play can afford to move their characters where they need them. (This probably shouldn't stack, at least not high, wouldn't want people hoarding them.)

C: Lower the price to something more reasonable, like $5. (It's pretty ridiculous that a simple transfer is more expensive than two months of gametime.) At this cost most people could get their main over to a better server.

If I were to endorse any of these options in particular, it would be A, as it improves the server situation overall for everyone. As for the other options, I know that abuse of transfers are a concern, but I plead to Blizzard that they find another way to limit it that doesn't harm players stuck on underpopulated realms.

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