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Legion BETA - What classes I consider good Dungeon farmers.

  • Monks are the best for general dungeon farming
  • 2nd Shaman
  • 3rd Mage
  • Druids are dead
In this thread I will talk about the most promising classes to farm Dungeons.
Which includes Monk, Shaman and Mage. If I have not covered a class, it's either because they have a minor to no signifcant movement speed increase, a range pull or a dash/leap.
Demon Hunters have everything of that, but they're dealing damage with their dashes - therefor a no go for dungeon pulling.

Keep in mind that this is stated during Beta, so everything is subject to change.
Also note that we have no access to Glpyhs on the PTR.


Let's dive into my most favorite class to farm basically anything with; the Druid. I have terribly sad news for every Druid lover out there.

With Legion's arrival not only Starfall but Soothe will be gone. No more sexy across the whole room pulling. We now would have to budy pull. Literally walking into the mob to obtain aggro. No, just no.
Starfall now functions similar to Volley and Rain of Fire - which wouldn't be bad, if we didn't have to spend 60 resources for it!

But, after all the sadness there is at least one glimmer of hope: Pre Legion Content you can still use Teleport Moonglade! For whatever reason. Why would you still play a Druid? I don't know, you tell me.

Druids are dead.


Let's talk about the Monk.
The Monk seems to have the most potential, Zen Pilgrimage now has a 1 Minute cooldown once casted - basically Monks have a nerfed Teleport:Moonglade on their hands. That's good news!
Also you can still have your Ox Statue, which now will be a level 60 talent.
You can use Crackling Jade instead of Dizzying Haze, because that ability seems to be gone.

Conclusions for the Monk; reroll. Have plenty. Their Ox Statue and Zen Pilgrimage is incredibly strong. In my opinion superior to any other class.


The Mage has two blinks talented, Arcane Explosion and a spell to return to your last blink, which comes in handy when you have to back-track for certain mobs in a corner or allows us to pull mobs from a certain corner, which we had to previously skipp due to them being a waste of time.
We use Spellsteal to pull but that costs us a lot of Mana, in Uldaman I ran into multiple scenarios where I was left oom and unable to pull.
I bet that the more time one spends in a specific Dungeon it would be manageable to not be oom.

My conclusion for the Mage;
it's inferior to the Monk, the Monk not only plays smoother, but has more tools to pull and can not run out of resource - a Monk is only limited by the cooldown of the Statue and you can also use a range pull, Crackling Jade.


Now we will be talking about the Shaman, it is surpringsingly good for farming dungeons.
The Ghost Wolf gives a 30% movement speed increase and is usuable indoors. 

We will be pulling mobs with Purge, which is very similar to the Spellsteal of a Mage, but uses significantly less mana and the Shaman also regs more mana. 

Using Purge while in Ghost Wolf form cancels the movementspeed increase but that is no bummer, we can just recast it.

We then have a talented Leap called Gust of Wind it acts very similar to the double jump and glide of a Demon Hunter.

I then use Liquid Magma Totem for another quick and easy Area of Effect spell besides Thunderstorm.

My conclusion for the Shaman;
in my opinion it's running smoother than a Mage. I ran Uldaman four times with the Mage and the Shaman and I've pulled about 4seconds less per run as a Shaman.
I enjoy the almost permanent 30% movement speed increase.

As usual, I have prepared a video for this:
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