Sunday, July 3

[Tip] Buy cheap honor gear now before the prepatch (transmog purposes)

When the prepatch hits the servers, all gear that previously costed honor will start to cost [Marks of Honor].

However, some items will be cheaper to get for honor right now in comparison to marks of honor, since you seem to getting 1 mark per win.

For example to brutal pvp armor and weapons, which are a lot cheaper than the other pvp items, and the old pvp mounts.
Also old school items from these vendors:

Also the wotlk pvp items which can currently be bought for gold only in Dalaran. However on the PTR you can still buy them for gold, but they also added new pvp vendors in the sewer which also has the old wotlk pvp weapons, however that vendor also sell the same armor but there they cost marks of honor, so I don't really know how that will be, probably safer to just buy em for gold on live though.

Those are the items I can think of now.


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