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WoW Legion Invasions

Indeed, WoW's upcoming Legion expansion pack is once again centered around the Burning Legion and its continued attempts to completely overwhelm and subjugate Azeroth once and for all. That much is expected of a game titled "Legion" and Blizzard do indeed deliver on it, in a rather unprecedented fashion: the invasion takes shape through a number of timed events with fixed locations, in which everyone can take part. These events are actually called "invasions" and they target a total of 6 areas obviously deemed of strategic importance by the invaders <wink wink>. The areas are Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad Foothills, Azshara, Westfall, Tanaris and Nothern Barens. The locations do indeed cover both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, which doesn't just mean easy access for the invaders, it also means players can reach the locations wherever they are. There's always an invasion running here or there, but there's never a point where all the invasions are up simultaneously. All invasions expire after a given period of time.

Every one of the invasions is a scenario instance. When a player enters this instance, it may already be in progress, but this will have little to no impact on the rewards the player will pick up at the end of it all, provided he/she is present when the invasion instance wraps up.

Every invasion is structured into several stages, which have to be completed in order to fill up one's progress-meter. The first stage of the invasion consists of "forward elements" of the invasion force, comprised of demons which are relatively weak and easy to kill on their own. The player's mission during this stage is to kill as many of these demons as possible.

Stage two is where the real challenge emerges in the shape of two Legion Lieutenants. After they're taken out, a demonic commander emerges, who needs to be treated as a boss for all intents and purposes.

Stage three is about taking out various Legion structures which act as landing points for the invasion and which are protected by a wide range of demons, from cannon-fodder to mini-bosses.

Stage four is the boss-fight: a towering boss is spawned, looking to take matters into his own hand after his minions have failed to accomplish the objectives of the invasion.

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