Monday, September 26

Demon Hunter 120% LEECH

I was exploring a bit earlier today prior to doing my weekly mythics, decided I would go do some PvP in the Underbelly, and ended up running VotW Mythic about 10 minutes later.

I am unable to successfully recreate this when I try to, but my exact steps were as followed:

  1. Dalaran, Que'd up for VotW mythic group
  2. Went into Underbelly, started to PvP(I believe you need to have the honor talent "Awaken the Demon Within" from the honor tree, as it gives 120% leech in total if you get down to 20% HP.)
  3.  Received invite from the group and got a summon to the stone outside the instance while still in underbelly
  4. Checked stats page at final boss and I had 120% Leech. 

As I was running VotW, I noticed that my survivablitiy was actually ridiculous, as I was healing for a dumb amount of damage every auto. I checked my Attributes and character page, come to find out, I had 120% leech somehow. This Leech bug happened until I logged out, it works in rated PvP, it's likely another version of the previously used Artifact Stacking glitch. If anybody knows how to replicate this, or has an idea of what I should try, please message me or leave a reply!

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