Tuesday, September 20

Flying in Broken Islands.

I been using it for a while so .. here we go.

You need
Emerald Winds - toy
Goblin Glider - AH or Garrison


  1. Go to dalaran to krasus landing
  2. Go to the edge
  3. JUMP - Use glider - USE TOY (that order)
  4. Point yourself to Suramar 
  5. Use toy action button on cooldown
  6. Pick a tall building where you can land (Like the center one)
  7. At 0 seconds of glider and toy Drop to the center of that building by Canceling glider and toy aura
  8. Your mounts will Highlight
  9. Fly everywhere .. and get the flighpaths
  10. The skies are mine!! rebo.. and yours..!!

May be not related but here some conditions with my char

  • a) I have the lore and extra quest done ..
  • b) Not unlocked suramar 
  • c) speed 320

  1. If you dont macro /cancelaura its hard
  2. If you instance/Load/stuff like that.. you will have to repeat everything
  3. You can fly but not to show off .. I mean it .. this could get you ban?

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