Friday, September 30

How to scan auctions instantly with TSM

First of all, this is for TSM users only! (TradeSkillMaster addon). I saw the method you could use to scan instantly with Auctionator, but theres no similar thing with TSM afaik.

Right. So today I found this method of scanning the auction house in an instant, instead of scanning trough 40-50 pages of those damn ores.

This might be a huge brainfart from my side, and for all I know, all of you could know about this. But yea, I've been using TSM for many years now, and I JUST found out that this was possible, so hopefully some of you guys will get use of it aswell!

Basically what you do, is that you open up the Auction House and go to the shopping tab first of all.

Say you want to search for Starlight roses, all you have to do is to instead of searching for just "Starlight rose" you search for "Starlight Rose/Usable/Exact"

What this will do, is to make your scan finish in a matter of 2-5 seconds, instead of spending 10 times every page, which could be really annoying.

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