Wednesday, October 26

If any one with 3 legen want to try..this

  1. Equip your 2 NON-RING legendary, save this set in equipment manager
  2. Change this two NON-RING legendary to normal gear, and wear your legendary ring, then switch this ring with another normal ring (i.e. switch the slot they are equipped)
  3. As you wear a legendary ring in 2, you will have a normal ring unequipped from the set you created in 1. Put this ring in your bank or sell it (for now, don't worry)
  4. Move far away from the bank teller / NPC you sold the ring
  5. Try to equip the set you have in 1. If you succeed, you get 3 legends; if failed, it will prompt "one of equip in set is missing" something. If failed, remove every gear you have, delete the set and start from 1 again.

Dun have 3 so if anyone want to try this rumor you might give it a try

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