Tuesday, December 6

Sewer Rat Exploit

Been using this exploit for awhile and thought id share this one,you can glitch the rat mount thats in the crate from the
Dal Sewers and pretty much explore anywere you desire in Broken Isles,you also cant take any damage at all and can swim
as deep and as far as you like off the map as you dont lose breath and check out the dungeons while taking no damage.

First you have to have the rat mount from the crate in your bag,then head over to the Dalaran entrance (best to go to the entrance
were the warlock portal is)

As you see in the first image the archway is were it all happens and to be honest can be a pain to get the glitch.
What you have to do is stand were it shows on the pic then quickly go just past the archway mount and at the same time
head back out,if you time it right what happens is your body will stay in the sewers while you can control the rat with no one
on it.Because the game thinks your body is still in the sewers your rat is invincible and free to roam where ever.

Now if your on the rat and body is in sewers and you go around Dalaran and theres nobody there that means your glitched in the
sewers instance which is not what you want as you cant go to far before you disconnect,you got to have it when your the rat and theres people around
Dalaran ,that means your set to go and freely explore Broken Isles.

Really sorry this has turned into an essay.probably not the greatest at explaining things,anyway heres a quick demo if all goes right


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