Wednesday, January 4

Earn some extra AP!

As we're close to the release of the Nighthold, this little trick may be a bit late and also super minor but there are still some weeks ahead.

[Odyn's Blessing]

This quests will continue only in 7.1.5 but provide a relatively nice chunk of Artifact Power. Therefore there's absolutely no point to complete the quest yet. By increasing your Artifact Knowledge from time to time you can produce some extended AP from this quest until the chain continues. It goes from the base AP value 1000 to 250.000 (level 25 AK).

There are more quests like this probably, I also kept another one, named [Full Might of the Elves] which is a part of the Insurrection storyline and will only continue in the Nighthold as well.

It's just a small tip to the present and future, how to maximize AP rewards from quests which can be delayed to hand in.

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